The brown mushroom

The brown mushroom is a bit tougher and has a rare aromatic virtue and more intensive flavour than the white mushroom.

The white mushroom

Against common opinion that the white mushroom has poor value, in fact it is very healthy, rich in vitamin D and helps in dieting.

Oyster mushroom

An Oyster mushroom isn’t a well known mushroom despite the fact that exists in all encyclopaedias and atlases of mushrooms. It has undeniable therapeutic and valuable taste as well.


Shitake also known as ‘twardziak’ eatable, comes from ‘twardziszkowatych’, is a very delicious mushroom with characteristic taste and smell, similar to garlic.  

 How the mushrooms grow?

Against the surface mushrooms don’t grow on the field but in modern halls, in shelf system by using automatic watering system, demanding climate , as well. All of this is patronized by AEM Company.

The white and brown mushrooms are conducted on a base of Polish and Dutch compost from the best compost’s places like CNC, HOLPOL, KOMPOSTPAL, MYCELA and appropriate mycelium with destiny on fresh , market ( SYLVAN and SPYRA). The mushrooms grow up on WOKAS cover and they are watering the best water in Great Poland.

The halls’ crop loading is fully automatic and the most modern Hercules harvester from champion Company is using, as well. It allows for systematic planning productivity according to market expectations by 52 weeks in a year. The full control of production and handmade harvest which is done by experienced Polish collectors make that we can assure our clients healthy, good and natural product with great flavour and smell values. Thanks to this , our mushrooms are the best base for traditional Polish cuisine and foreign cuisine in Western Europe , mainly in Germany , as well.
The customers are satisfied with unforgettable taste, smell and quality of our mushrooms.