The brown mushroom

The brown mushroom is a bit tougher and has a rare aromatic virtue and more intensive flavour than the white mushroom.

The white mushroom

Against common opinion that the white mushroom has poor value, in fact it is very healthy, rich in vitamin D and helps in dieting.

Oyster mushroom

An Oyster mushroom isn’t a well known mushroom despite the fact that exists in all encyclopaedias and atlases of mushrooms. It has undeniable therapeutic and valuable taste as well.


Shitake also known as ‘twardziak’ eatable, comes from ‘twardziszkowatych’, is a very delicious mushroom with characteristic taste and smell, similar to garlic.  

GlobalG.A.P.  is voluntary, independent and at the moment the most modern food assurance system in primeval production. It is a respond to rising consumers’ demands. The system arose in cooperation with scientists and farmers to minimize danger result of huge production of ‘contaminated food’. We also want to take care about customer’s health, yet at the beginning of the food production , the environment and the workers’ good, as well.



It is original name of present standard which is GLOBAL G.A.P. . It arose as an initiative working group of retail trade associated in EUREP ( Euro- Retail – Produce- Working – Group) organization in order to work out common procedures and uniform standard for Good Agricultural Practise and moreover, to assurance safety food. One of the standard’ s main goal is delimit to essential minimum using of fertilizer and protective agents to protect environment and assure as long as possible the usage of agricultural area.




This is the third time when The Łuk – Mar Group Of Mushrooms Producers received certificate NSF. The certificate is granted by NSF INTERNATIONAL. It is uncommercial organization promoting the best standards in food industry.NSF rigorously describes all means which should be undertaking to receive the best products.