GPG Łukmar – pieczarki, boczniaki, shitake

The brown mushroom

The brown mushroom is a bit tougher and has a rare aromatic virtue and more intensive flavour than the white mushroom.

The white mushroom

Against common opinion that the white mushroom has poor value, in fact it is very healthy, rich in vitamin D and helps in dieting.

Oyster mushroom

An Oyster mushroom isn’t a well known mushroom despite the fact that exists in all encyclopaedias and atlases of mushrooms. It has undeniable therapeutic and valuable taste as well.


Shitake also known as ‘twardziak’ eatable, comes from ‘twardziszkowatych’, is a very delicious mushroom with characteristic taste and smell, similar to garlic.  

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About Us


Łuk – Mar a group of mushrooms producers is a company established in 2011 by five mushrooms producers. The lead founders are Mrs Marta Waliński and Mr Łukasz Waliński.

They run this family business since 1999. The whole Waliński family is into mushrooms’ business from generation.
The main products are white and brown meadow mushrooms, oyster and shitake mushroom, as well.

Łuk – Mar Group of Mushroom Producers is situated in Ryczywół near Mrs and Mr Waliński farm.
Ryczywół is a small but picturesque village in Great Poland ( a province in western Poland). It’s between Poznań and Piła , near S11 road.

This region is famous for a great cultivation of apples, onions and of course the queen MEADOW MUSHROOM.
Łuk – Mar P.G.C has currently 7000 m2 of crops in the most modern buildings.

They were built and equipped by Polish leader of mushrooms trade , The Champion Company. The area of the buildings assures weekly production of 30.000 kilos of white mushrooms and less amount of brown mushrooms, oyster and shitake.

Mrs and Mr Waliński are trying to develop the company ale the time. Hence, a yearlong growth of the crops area, a modern logistic centre and what follows it’s a modern organization of work.

All the producers in Łuk – Mar Group received a GLOBAL G.A.P. certificates. Recently Łuk – Mar Group possessed and introduced HACCP SYSTEM and currently is introducing and certificating IFS SYSTEM. In the future they are going to introduce BRC, ISO 9001: 2008 as well.
The company employs workers from the region , so thanks to it received the nomination ‘ PRIMUS NOMINATUS’.